Pro-Source Insurance (PSI) was founded with the purpose of servicing the insurance needs of individuals and businesses. The president of PSI has been working exclusively with financial institutions since 1999 and has been a strategic resource for many banks and credit unions throughout the U.S. Our clients consist of community banks and credit unions.

PSI focuses on providing an array of insurance products and services required to eliminate the insurable risks of lending, and likewise, maintain the lender’s portfolio in regulatory compliance.

PSI continues to grow as a result of our commitment to provide our clients with the same service philosophy our company was founded on. Client Service Philosophy At Pro-Source Insurance, we tailor our programs to meet each lender’s individual needs.

We recognize that each lender is unique, and we value their commitment to their own borrowers and members. Our staff offers timely and personalized service. Our greatest strengths are our innovative solutions and our positive attitude towards overcoming challenges.

Available Lender Services:

  • Real Estate Insurance Tracking
  • Automobile Insurance Tracking
  • Flood Zone Determination Service
  • Specifically Designed Training